Harmonic Gate® HG-110A

Harmonic Gate® is a product designed to enhance the quality of any type of audio and video source in real-time when recording, mixing, mastering, post-production or even in live performances. It also immunize your audio and video equipment and systems against electrical harmonic morphings.

What it does

Immediate perceptible advantages of the « Harmonic Gate® » are:


  • Each instrument and vocalist, would be defined better in its space. It reveals inner and reverberation details even when used on recorded tracks or CDs which are originally masked.
  • Enhances clarity, spatiality, dynamics and depth.
  • Large soundstage with perfect stereophonic sound.
  • Improve the performances and qualities of all your existing or future audio and video equipment and systems by immunizing them against electrical harmonic morphings.

Image & Video

  • Enhances details, colors and giving a precise image with better contrast.
  • Giving life to any image and video by improving the original depth.
  • Giving better definition to compressed multimedia video and image.

For the first time, a technology makes it possible to the musicians to explore a new dimension created by the natural harmonies of their own instruments.

How to use

To immunize your own equipment and instruments and to enter this new musical dimension, simply plug in the power cord of « Harmonic Gate® » (230VAC 50/60Hz) where all of your equipment are plugged.
The advantages of « Harmonic Gate® » will covers up to 30 meters distance.
Light and space-saving, « Harmonic Gate® » is installed quickly into any audio/visual system.